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If you are going through a divorce that involves children, your first priority obviously revolves around child custody and child support concerns. The dedicated family lawyers at Amiri Family Law in Mississauga, Ontario, are here to help. Our experienced legal team is committed to working closely with you to ensure that you and your children’s rights and your parental rights are well protected throughout the divorce process and beyond.

Understanding Child Support in Ontario

Child support refers to the money one parent pays to the other in an effort to help cover the basic expenses associated with raising their mutual children after a divorce or separation. Other than the basic costs of living, child support can also cover special and extraordinary expenses for the children, but these special costs will be divided between both parents in direct relation to each of their respective incomes. Such special and extraordinary expenses can cover a variety of services:

  • The cost of childcare
  • The cost of healthcare
  • The cost of medical and/or dental insurance
  • The cost of primary, secondary, and/or postsecondary education
  • The cost of extracurricular expenses

The Child Support Process

Who pays child support is determined by the amount of time the children live with each parent. In general, if the children live with one parent at least 60 percent of the time, that parent is entitled to receive child support. The amount of child support is determined by the Federal Child Support Guidelines and is based on the payor’s annual income and the number of children for whom payment must be provided.

When the payor is a salaried employee with a fixed income, The Federal Child Support Guidelines table make it easy. The federal government also offers a helpful online calculator that can be accessed here. When the parent who pays child support earns an income that varies – a business owner, executive, or real estate agent, for example – determining child support becomes more complicated. In such instances, the matter may have to be regularly revisited to ensure that the parent is consistently paying the appropriate amount of child support.

Further Child Support Custodial Considerations

When the shared children live with one parent less than 60 percent of the time and with the other parent more than 40 percent of the time, a number of factors come into play regarding child support. The most important consideration, however, is the set-off. This set-off refers to the differential in child support payment amounts each parent would pay the other parent if each were obliged to pay child support. Once this set-off (or difference) is established, the parent who’s obligation is higher pays the difference in amounts to the parent whose child support obligation is lower.

Can Child Support Be Modified?

As a family’s circumstances change, so too can child support needs. The amount paid in child support can be modified if the parent requesting the change can satisfactorily convince the court that a significant change in circumstances has occurred that should affect the amount of child support payable. There are two primary changes that commonly apply:

  • The payor’s income increases and the payee requests a corresponding increase in the amount of child support.
  • The payor’s income decreases and the payor requests a corresponding decrease in the amount of child support.

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