When Does Child Support End in Ontario?

Child support is frequently a contentious point in divorce cases in Ontario. Where children are involved, emotions run high and this may lead to disputes. When the family court orders child support payments to be made, they are enforceable by the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) until such time as [...]

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Is Spousal Support Tax Deductible?

Spousal support (or “alimony”) calculations are often one of the most keenly contested elements of a divorce settlement. This type of support is not an automatic right and needs to be ordered by the court to come into effect. Most of the discussions between couples beforehand centre around whether [...]

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Does Spousal Support End When You Remarry in Ontario?

Spousal support arrangements are often a source of conflict during divorces and separations, and, unfortunately, sometimes the conflict does not end with the separation agreement. When couples go separate, many individuals are fortunate enough to meet new partners, enter new cohabitation arrangements, and/or remarry. Such changes of circumstances can [...]

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How is Spousal Support Calculated?

In Canada, there is a set of spousal support advisory guidelines that are relied upon by lawyers and judges to calculate how much spousal support is payable (and for how long) when a couple separates or divorces.You can use these guidelines to help you and your spouse reach an agreement [...]

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Why Financial Disclosure is Important During Divorce Proceedings?

One of the prerequisites of divorce proceedings in Canada is providing full and frank financial disclosure. While, for most couples, this will not pose too many difficulties in concept, it can sometimes be challenging to capture all of the information that divorce lawyers and the family court system require.  [...]

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What Should You Do to Prepare for a Divorce?

It is always difficult to be practical and pragmatic during an inherently emotional time. However, during separation and divorce, there is a great deal at stake, especially if you have children. It is important to be as prepared as possible for what is inevitably around the corner. By gathering [...]

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How to Prepare for Your Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

The way that most people in Canada decide whether to retain the services of a divorce lawyer is through an initial consultation. This session will normally help your lawyer understand your personal circumstances and advise you regarding your options for proceeding with your divorce. To make the most of [...]

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